Our Board of Directors

Diane Donaldson, Ed.D. and Jerry Winslow


Jerry: Co-founder Bold Technologies/ Management (retired) Founder: LovingInDeed

Diane: retired school administrator -felt God’s call to serve as short term missionaries in Kenya, Nepal, India, and West Virginia, and have developed a passion for sharing God’s love and blessings with those in need – believe that, together, LovingInDeed members can expand our territory to make a greater impact for God’s kingdom here on earth.

Bill and Jan Devore

Bill: retired Community College administrator

Jan: retired educator (K-12)

-truly care about those less fortunate and desire to share Christ’s love by being the hands and feet of Jesus; meeting the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of the underserved.

Brad Depke

Brad is retired from Abbott Labatories. Brad ran the compliance division before his retirement. He is very involved in his church, currently facilitating the mens group there. Brad has been very instrumental in the building of Abba’s House and has a passion to provide the children with a home where they will be safe in and also grow to be good citizens.

Kurt and Deb Emanuelson

Kurt: Co-founder Bold Technologies/software developer and enjoys occasional remodel and handyman activities

Deb: school food service operator

-desire to share God’s blessings with others in need( without waste or overhead) and be part of making a difference in the lives of those who could not otherwise provide for or meet the needs themselves.

Ken and Elaine Harju

Ken: retired Operations Manager

Elaine: seasonal local garden center personnel

-shoulder with people who truly have hearts to make a difference in this world, using God-given talents, treasures and time to support, lift, and give hope to others, regardless of their circumstances, making a significant impact for the kingdom.

Marty and Pam Guy 


Marty: retired Site Engineer from Abbott Lab. Played Christ in the Passion Play for 10 years. Pam: retired Payroll/Benefit Coordinator. Loves thier 7 grandsons. They have been married 42 years, love to boat and golf.


Marty has been a big part in building Abba’s House orphanage and has a passion to build God’s Kingdom.

Rodney and Cathy Karlstrand

Rodney and Cathy are both currently working in local government and enforcement

-having participated on short term mission trips, appreciate the idea of like-minded people coming together, combining resources to show the love of Christ to people that He puts in our paths, particularly orphans and widows.

Cindy Richter


Cindy currently works for Alight as a System Consultant. She currently serves on the boad of Sheperd’s Little Lamb Kenya. Her passion is to see that as many children as possible have a chance to become the best they can and have a chance to serve their community.

Dan and Andrea Inman


Dan is a husband, father, grandfather, business owner and follower of Jesus. He has owned and operated a local business for the past 25 years.


Andrea is a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother and big supporter for many nonprofit organizations. She sits on the board of a local Cancer Hospital and has helped with fund raising.


They both have a heart for missions and orphans.

Bonnie and Tony Wittman


Tony is the Athletic Diretor at St. Peters Lutheran school where he has built a very successful athletic program.


Bonnie has resently retired after spending 30 years as an actuary. She is an avid runner, swimmer, and biciclist, having done many Triathlons.


They both enjoy visiting Abba’s House and are involved in the building of the orphanage.